Field Training Exercises (FTX)
FTX is an exercise held over the course of a weekend during which cadets use skills previously learned during leadership labs such as Land Navigation and Troop Leading Procedures.
Leadership Labs
Labs are planned and executed by the MSIV Class with support from cadre, while MSIIIs typically provide instruction for MSIs and MSIIs.
Military Science Courses
Listing of Military Science Courses offered at Princeton University.
Physical Training (PT)
Each week, Princeton ROTC holds two PT sessions at Princeton and two PT sessions at TCNJ. The program also holds two Army Physical Fitness Tests per semester, learn more.
Ranger Challenge
Ranger Challenge is the "Varsity" sport of Army ROTC. Participation in Ranger Challenge offers cadets an opportunity to learn and practice skills beyond those instructed in class and during labs.
Summer Training Opportunities
Airborne School, Air Assault School, Mountain Warfare School, Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP), and more are highlighted in-depth here.
Combat Water Survival Training

Cadets learn the fundamentals of combat water survival including techniques for construction expedient flotation device.  They build confidence and develop water survival skills.  At the end of the lab, cadets must swim 15 meters in uniform with a weapon and LBE and conduct a 3 meter drop into the pool while blindfolded with a weapon and LBE.…