Leadership Labs

During the academic year, cadets participate in Leadership Labs typically held on a Friday afternoon. The labs are planned and executed by the MSIV Class with support from cadre, while MSIIIs typically provide instruction for MSIs and MSIIs. Labs include:


Individual Movement Techniques (IMT): Cadets learn the fundamentals of individual movement, moving in buddy teams and squad and fire teams.

Land Navigation (LandNav): Cadets learn to use a compass and protractor to plot grid coordinates on a map and navigate to those points.

Squad Situational Training Exercise (SSTX): Cadets participate in different missions. MSIVs brief a Platoon-level Operations Order (OPORD) to MSIIIs who are then responsible for developing a Squad-level OPORD and executing the mission. MSIIs participate as Fire Team leaders while MSIs participate as riflemen.

Combat Water Survival Test (CWST): Cadets learn the fundamentals of combat water survival including techniques for construction expedient flotation device. They build confidence and develop water survival skills. At the end of the lab, cadets must swim 15 meters in uniform with a weapon and LBE and conduct a 3 meter drop into the pool while blindfolded with a weapon and LBE.


Patrolling Operations: The Patrolling lab tests a cadet's ability to use knowledge of IMT, LandNav and squad battle drills and collective tasks to accomplish Patrolling missions.